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1 kg Mix Barfi

Mithai has to be a part of all the beautiful memories of life in Pakistani culture. Our delicious and delightful

1kg Rasgulla

Rasgulla is a popular dessert and sweet love by everyone. The round little charm of taste and flavor is something

Baklai Mithai Box

Placed in beautiful packaging, Baklai Mithai Box is an ornamented package of big happiness and love. Mithai is made with

Best Dad Ever

The BEST DAD EVER conssit of cupcakes with blue butterceam frosting and the cupcakes are decorated with fondant and colorful

Dad# 1

The DAD # 1 is a box full of brownies with a layer of chocolate ganache complimented with white flowers

Father’s Day Special Deal 1

Father’s Day Special Deal is a beautiful package to keep yourself with your father. Send this lovely delight of beautiful

Motti Chor ky Laddu 1kg

We present you the super popular and delectable Motti chor ky laddu. The ravishing round-shaped laddu with the taste of

Multani Sohan Halwa 1kg

Multani Sohan Halwa is the most prevalent and prominent name in the arena of sweets and mithai. We deliver the

Pistachio Roll Sweet 1kg

As appealing as it seems, the Pistachio Roll Sweet 1kg is a high dose of genuine ingredients and tastes for