Vendor Onboarding 

Want to join SendLove’s family?

We can help you in scaling your business and increase your sales!

Our vision is to promote local and small businesses with opportunities to earn more and expand their business. Are you passionate about any product in the gift service domain, it could be some craft work, gifts baskets, custom cakes, love with flowers(florist) or in the delivery business?  

Yes, we can help!!

Who are we!!

We are the first and only gift service platform which has USA based operational headquarter and international presence with the most authentic, secure, and reliable online payment backed through USA banking system and is serving Overseas Pakistani from all over the world and at the same time have deep localized delivery and operational network in Pakistan.

What do we have to offer you?

A highly motivated team of entrepreneurs are on a mission to be a market leader in online gift service around the globe. We know, it’s a big vision and we cannot do it alone, the key to success is optimized teamwork. A team which is diversified, having honest and dedicated individuals, working toward the same goals and want to grow together using each other’s expertise.

We are building a digital platform for online gift service, which has  global presence, international marketing, and a customer first mindset.  We believe e-marketing is a science and you can generate very calculated results if you know how to do it.  Having decade of experience in this field, we are confident that we can generate lot of business for our vendors through worldwide e-marketing, with wider reach, a brand which will be a generic for overseas Pakistani, a name that will be trusted by customers to run their online transaction without any doubt or distrust, a service which will connect them to their loved one through one click. Our integrated online payment system and ease of use makes us an exclusive choice for our customers(Overseas Pakistanis).

Yes!! There is way more for you, and at the same time we know we cannot do it alone, but we will do it together

We can help you scale your business by increasing your sales, it is going to be as much as you can handle and deliver.  You decide and we will provide, simply :).

Apart from that, we have designed  a preferred vendor program also, which is created specially to reward our long term and committed vendors who want to grow more rapidly.  This program will ensure guaranteed minimum business per week to our preferred vendors, as we know there are some peak and slow days in every business, and on those days where we won’t be able to give them that guaranteed business, they will get a fixed stipend as our commitment. 

For our preferred vendors, we will have more  to offer. For more ambitious individuals, who want to grow their business more rapidly,  and have a genuine case  and idea to increase their business we can give them loan and some financial helping hand like  

  • To buy business supplies, hardware etc 
  • Training and coaching 

However, to qualify for this program, you must have worked with us for at least 6 months and showed the best work ethics.

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